Top 5 Professional Tripods on the market in 2018


Tripods are very important pieces of equipment for photographers or videographers. Tripods give you the chance to take pictures that are steady and free of vibration. They can be used to take photographs from different positions and angles. They’re also great if you want to take photographs of yourself with no one around to take the camera.

Picking a travel or professional tripod that’s right for you can be difficult. The tripod you choose should be lightweight and stable to help support your camera with little hassle. This can be hard to find if you’re new to the real of photography. To help you out, we’ve made a list of the Best Professional Tripods to help you make your choice.

ImageModelDimensionsWeightMaterial TypePrice 
Manfrotto MK294C3-A0RC2 (Editor’s Pick)5 x 5 x 28 inches4.4 poundsCarbon-fiber$$ Check Price
Slik Pro 340DX Tripod(User's Choice)18.1 x 4.5 x 19.3 inches3.5 poundsAluminum$ Check Price
FEISOL CT-3472LV224.4 x 3.2 x 4.3 inches5.3 poundsCarbon-fiber$$$ Check Price
Induro CLT203 Classic Series 262.99 x 30.48 x 24.61 inches3.48 poundsCarbon-fiber$$ Check Price
3 Legged Thing Equinox Winston Carbon Fiber Tripod6 x 6 x 25.5 inches6.5 poundsCarbon-fiber$$$ Check Price

The 3 Legged Thing Equinox Winston carbon fiber Tripod is fairly new to the world of tripods. This tripod is one of the most uniquely designed tripods. It has a unique design, vibrant colors, and a different leg lock grip design.

The leg locks have oval-shaped grips and are easy to use and to adjust. Another unique feature of the leg locks is that they have a secondary locking system that keeps you from needing to loosen the locks to completely removing a leg section. The legs also have anti-rotation fittings to keep them from spinning during extension and retraction.

The Induro CLT203 Tripod is purposely designed to have a very low reflective design. The legs of this tripod have legs that have foam pads and a specialty carbon veneer.

The tripod’s center column is reversible when you remove the weight hook. It also has an added short center column for low-angle shooting. The tripod’s legs have locks that pull out and allow the legs to be adjusted at three angles.

It comes with a carrying case that protects the legs, and a tool pouch that holds spike feet. It also has a bubble ball head that stand on a magnesium-alloy chassis.

The FEISOL CT-3472LV carbon fiber tripod is a heavyweight tripod that can handle any kind of camera. Its legs have 3 different positions and leg-angle locks.They also have a special feature release tab that protrudes from the chassis at the top of the legs.

The legs have anti-leg rotation technology that keeps the legs in place when the locks are tightened. The locks have a minimalist design with smooth rubber that’s easy to grip. The tripod also comes with a leveling center column that allows for minor height adjustments.The center column can be removed and replaced with an included base that allows photographers to place the camera directly to the aluminum chassis plate.

2. Slik Pro 340DX Tripod - Best professional video tripod

The Slik Pro 340DX Tripod is a high-end portable tripod. The tripod has 3 height-adjustable legs and a height-adjustable center column. Fully extended, the tripod can reach up to 56.7-inches. Its legs are multi-position. They have rubber feet with foam grips that make it easy to move and carry.

The tripod also has a 3-way pan head with 2 pan and tilt handles. This allows for easy usage and fast release for mounting and dismounting. The tripod weighs about 3.5 pounds. Finally the tripod is able to hold and handle cameras of up to 6 pounds, which it almost double the weight of the tripod itself.

1. Manfrotto MK294C3-A0RC2 3 Section Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit - Best tripod for professional photographer

Manfrotto tripods are among the best professional tripods on the market. The MK294C3-A0RC2 3 Section Carbon Fiber Tripod is not only a great tripod, but it also has a lovely design.

The tripod has a beautiful diamond-pattern carbon veneer, rubber ball feet, and versatile twist-locks. It also has a ratcheting system for the leg angle locks that allows you keep your hands safe from pinching once you’ve mounted the tripod.

The tripod’s parts are made from a CNC milling process from a solid piece of metal. Its metal parts are also made from a piece of metal, not a mold, for extra strength and sturdiness.


If you still don’t know which tripod to choose, here are a few things you should look for when choosing a tripod. First, consider the weight of the tripod. If you use your tripod often and need to carry it around on your back, it will be helpful to choose a light tripod. Carbon fiber tripods weigh even less but are more expensive, while aluminum tripods are heavier but more stable. Tripod height is also important.

Some tripods can extend a lot higher than others so think about the height at which you want to set your camera and pick a tripod that fits that height. These things, along with a few others will help you in the decision-making process while choosing your tripod.

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