Top 5 Macro Lenses for Canon Cameras in 2018


Macro photography is a wonderful way to capture miniscule detail is pictures. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and treasured types of photography today.

Macro photography requires a lot of skill, knowledge and training. In addition, macro photography is perfected through experience. It requires plenty of practice to take close-up photos of small objects like insects, for example. Apart from the skills of the photographer, macro photography also requires the proper equipment.Having the right equipment will ensure truly flawless macro photographs. The most important piece of equipment for macro photography is a macro lens.

Here is a list of the top 5 Best Macro Lenses for Canon Cameras.

ImageModelDimensionsLens TypeApertureFocal Length 
Canon EF 100mm USM Lens (Editor’s Pick)3.07 x 3.07 x 4.84 inchPrime lensƒ/2.8 - ƒ/32100 mm Check Price
AF 100mm AT-X Macro Lens (User's Choice)3.74 x 2.87 x 2.87 inchMacroƒ/2.8 - ƒ/32100 mm Check Price
Rokinon 100mm Full-Frame Telephoto Macro Lens2.9 x 2.9 x 4.85 inchMacroƒ/2.8 - ƒ/32100 mm Check Price
Tamron AF 70-300mm LD Macro Zoom Lens2.99 x 2.99 x 6.77 inchMacroƒ/4 - ƒ/3270-300 mm Check Price
Sigma 884101 Contemporary Macro Lens3.11 x 3.11 x 3.23 inchZoom lensƒ/4 - ƒ/2217-70 mm Check Price

5. Sigma 884101 Contemporary Macro Lens - Best Buy for the money

The Sigma 884101 Contemporary DC Macro Lens is a lens that is specifically created for the Canon EF-S Cameras. This lens comes with a 17-70mm focal length, allowing you to zoom in and have your focus adjusted accordingly. It also comes with an image stabilization feature that keeps your pictures clear and keeps them from being blurry.

The Sigma 884101 lens has 72mm filters. It sports a striking F2.8-4 maximum aperture and F22-22 minimum aperture along with 0.22m/8.66 inch minimum focus. Finally, the lens is compatible with both the APS-C format DSLRs and the Sigma USB dock, making it versatile for your satisfaction.

The Tamron AF 70-300mm Macro Zoom Lens is great for the Canon SLR cameras. This lens comes with 9 diaphragm blade numbers with 9 Groups. Its lens is made of 13 elements of construction, making it durable as well as high in quality. This lens has a special feature which is its rotation-like zooming type, which allows you to accurately zoom in on your subject.

The Tamron AF 70-300mm lens has a generous minimum aperture of F32. It also has a 59 inch minimum focus distance in normal setting. As for macro mode, its minimum focus distance is about 37.4 inches.

3. Rokinon 100mm Full-Frame Telephoto Macro Lens - Best full frame lense

The Rokinon 100mm Full-Frame Macro Lens is especially designed for the canon EF Digital SLR cameras. Nonetheless, this lens has a full frame that is compatible with 24.8 degree angle of views on regular full frame cameras and a 15.4 degree angle of view on APS-C cameras. Its lens is made from 15 different glass elements in 12 groups, giving it superior quality and durability.

The lens has an incredible minimum focusing distance of just one foot. It has an aperture range of f2.8 to f32 and comes with 9 diaphragm blades. Finally, the Rokinon 100mm lens comes with ultra multi-coated UMC glass to protect it completely.

The AF 100mm AT-X Macro Lens is an autofocus lens designed specifically for Nikon AF-D. This lens is also a Canon mount 100mm Pro D lens. This product comes with front and rear caps to help protect your lens from dust and debris in the air. It also comes with a lens hood to further its protective features.

To fully ensure that your lens stays clean, the AF 100mm AT-X lens comes with a macro blower brush, lens cleaning solution, and microfiber cloth to help you efficiently clean your lens if it gets dirty in any way.

Finally, the lens comes with a 55mm Ultraviolet UV Filter that allows you to capture the beauty of subjects in UV light.

1. Canon EF 100mm USM Lens - For beginners

The Canon EF 100mm USM Lens is one of the best suited lenses for Canon cameras. This lens has an impressive 100mm focal length that allows you to take great images.

It has a maximum aperture of f2.8 and minimum of f32. It also has an image stabilization feature along with an inner focusing system with USM. In addition to all these great features, this lens is popular for being the first mid-telephoto macro lens that features the exclusive and brilliantly classy Image Stabilization feature by Canon.

The combination of the above features works to make the Canon EF 100mm USM lens a high-end lens that prevents your images from being shaky or blurry, giving you the best macro images.

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Macro lenses come in handy when you need to take ultra-close-up images. Macro lenses should provide up to 1.0x magnification at their closest focus setting. Macro lens with a 1.0x or 1:1 magnification ratio can reproduce photographed objects at full size on the camera’s image sensor.

For instance if you take a picture of a bug, it can look like a giant monster with dazzling detail that’s invisible to the naked eye on camera’s image sensor. Choosing the right lens for you will make or break the quality of your macro photographs. The list above provides you with great choices; you should always pick the product that has features that are useful for you. And you can check our another article about Best Canon Lenses On The Market Today.

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