Top 5 Best 4K Action Camera under $200 – Buyer’s Guide


Not all of us are expert photographers, so great difficulty can be encountered when it comes to choosing the right camera. As quick as technology advances, you want to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date camera in terms of performance. Between both online and electronics stores, there are a wide array of cameras one may choose from. When you introduce the variety of lenses available, the situation becomes even more confusing.

What we intend to do here, is narrow down a top 5 list to help find the best 4k video recording camera under $200 for you.

ImageModelItem DimensionsBatteryPhoto Capture ResolutionVideo Capture Resolution 
AKASO EK7000 4K (Editor’s Pick)0.9 x 2 x 1.5 inches2x1050mAh Lithium Polymer batteries12 megapixels4K 25fps/2.7K 30fps/1080P 60fps Check Price
HEIHEI 1080P 4K Ultra HD (User's Choice)6.61 x 10.75 x 2.36 inches900mAh12 megapixels4K(10FPS)/ 1080P (60FPS)/ 720P (120FPS) Check Price
Campark ACT74 Action Cam 4K8.3 x 6.5 x 2.7 inches1050mAh16 megapixels4K 30fps/2.7K 30fps/1080P 60fps Check Price
SOOCOO 4K Action Sports Camera1.3 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches1350 mAh20 megapixels4K 24fps/2. 30fps/1080P 60fps Check Price
WIMIUS Q1 4K Camera2.4 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches900mAh16 megapixels4K 30fps/2.7K 30fps/1080P 60fps Check Price

The AKASO Sports Action Camera is one of the most highly reviewed cameras with 4K video available online. If you hold word of mouth in high regard, this could be the camera for you. It shoots at 30 frames per second, giving you much higher resolution than most HD cameras have historically. Included within the package, is a wireless wrist remote control.

Having this handy allows one to conveniently control the camera from a distance. As one of the most environmentally durable cameras available, the AKASO Sports Action is capable of withstanding 100 feet of underwater pressure, making it a favorite among surfers and swimmers.


Because of the 2 inch HD screen, and wide-angle lens included with this camera, capturing great footage is made more easily possible. You can also utilize the time lapse as well as loop modes, to ensure that the subject matter you are recording is desirable. This camera is also waterproof, allowing the user up to 30 meters of water pressure durability.

The camera is Wi-Fi compatible, giving you the option to simply download an app that gives you control of the camera from your smartphone. With a wide range of uses, this camera can be easily strapped onto a bicycle helmet or even used to shoot a wedding.

This action camera is great for recording sports events, with a wide-angle lens and up to 64 gigs of storage with an SD card. The 170 degree lens allows the user to capture subject matter in an efficient manner. With a wide range of Wi-Fi connectivity (10 metres) users are given the opportunity to connect from their phones.

Doing so, gives you full functionality of the camera, where you can even deliver pictures and video straight to social media. The camera is waterproof for those who are fans of water sports. It works great as a helmet cam and even comes with a mount for bicycles.

The SOOCOO Sports Camera has a 2 inch screen that gives the user full visibility while recording. Footage can be recorded for up to 70 minutes via use of the rechargeable battery. This camera is very sports friendly, as it can be mounted easily onto bikes or kayaks. Ensuring that you do not run out of battery juice, included in the package are two rechargeable batteries.

Capable of enduring both hot and cold conditions, this camera can be submerged under up to 30 meters of water.

This camera is capable of 4K resolution within a 2 inch LCD screen. The high-definition screen monitor allows one to properly assess footage being shot. This camera also features a wide angle lens at 170 degrees, giving you full access to hidden details that are not easily seen. Included within the package is a waterproof case, as well as an extra battery.

The camera is fully capable of both time-lapse and loop recording features. With Wi-Fi capabilities, downloading the app from the Android or iOS store gives users remote access to the camera.


With new technology available today, it is important that you get the camera with the most up-to-date features, allowing for the greatest longevity of your footage. You never know when the occasion calls for the moment to be captured, and you want to be prepared with the right camera when it does.

 Going with one of these 4K cameras under 200 dollars, will allow you to efficiently and easily do so.

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