Best Budget Action Camera Under 100 dollars – Buyer’s Guide


best action camera under 100Many people have used for cameras nowadays. They can be found almost anywhere for a reason. However, a good camera does not have to be expensive.

Most people’s video-capturing needs can result in purchasing a relatively cheap camera. People looking for a camera to use every day for videos with friends and families, or simply for the sake of capturing memories, can survive quite well with a camera with a lower price tag.

For those people, and for people looking to take high-quality videos without breaking their budgets, here is a closer look at the best action cameras under $100.00

Best Action Camera Under $100 in 2018 – Comparison

ImageModelDimensionsMegapixelsVideo Resolution 
Polaroid Cube HD (Editor’s Pick)1.38 x 1.38 x 1.38 inches3 MP1080p Check Price
Veho VCC-005 (User's Choice)3.2 x 1.9 x 1 inches8 MP1080p/30fps Check Price
YI 880010.93 x 0.63 x 0.33 inches16 MP1080p/30fps Check Price
FITFORT Action Camera 4K2.75 x 8 x 6.75 inches12 MP4K/25FPS Check Price
ODRVM WIFI Action Camera1 x 1.6 x 2.6 inches12 MP1080P Check Price
EKEN H9 4K Action Camera1.62 x 0.97 x 2.33 inches12 MP4K/25fps Check Price
BrosFuture 4k1.6 x 1.1 x 2.32 inches16 MP4K Check Price
Maifang Sports Camera0.98 x 1.61 x 1.93 inches12 MP4K/25fps Check Price
Eonfine 4K1.15 x 1.62 x 2.33 inches16 MP4K 30fps Check Price
GSPON Wi-Fi Action Camera1.65 x 0.96 x 2.32 inches12 MP4K 15FPS Check Price

1. Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Lifestyle – Best Cheap Action Video Camera

 best action video camera under $100

Polaroid’s Cube Action Camera captures videos in 1080p for a high-definition quality with ease. This camera is rather cute in design, mostly because it comes in such a tiny package. At the same time, it comes in fun colors.

Children and teenagers looking to capture some action moments will find a lot of fun and ease of use with this camera. At the same time, it makes a great starter camera for families and teams looking to focus on sporting even moments. However, it will not capture so many people moving so fast in the highest quality.

It does come with a 124-degree, wide angle lens, so it can pan through and capture larger landscape scenes. The colors captured in these scenes are vibrant to be sure, but it can only capture 90 continuous minutes of video before it needs to be recharged.

Batteries cannot be changed out from this camera, so having a battery pack handy on longer trips and during games is a wise idea. Charging the camera during use can cause the unit to become a little hot, so it should be given some cool down time when possible.

For people looking for optimal storage space, they do not have to worry much about this camera. It can hold up to a 32 gig micro SD card, and these cards can be swapped out as needed during filming sessions. For people looking to mount this camera to something, they do not have to worry about straps and contraptions.

A magnet has been built right into the underside of the Cube to make it easily attach to different surfaces. Additionally, the case is waterproof and shockproof, meaning this little camera can stand up to some wear and tear.

  • Small in size
  • Set it and forget it recording
  • Battery has a short life

2. Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10 – Best action camera under $100 for sports events

For people looking at a camera with a little bit more professionalism built into it, then going with Veho’s VCC-005-MUVI camera is a fair deal. This camera records video images in 5MP HD at 1920 x 1080. It also records at 30 frames per second, meaning it will catch most details from a sizeable distance.

It also has a larger wide angle lens than the Polaroid Cube at 170 degrees. This larger angle lens makes for capturing more action in one screen, minimizing the need to pan from one direction to the other. It does have an internal, rechargeable battery, but it lasts for up to four hours of continuous recording. It also comes with a four gig micro SD card, but larger cards can be used.

Furthermore, this camera comes with a 1.5-inch viewing screen and viewfinder that allows for videos to be reviewed. This screen is made of LCD. It has touch panel controls, a self-timer, digital zoom, and noise activation. It includes a standard tripod mount and flat mount, a side helmet mount, and a body clip. In short, it can be used for almost any sporting event with ease.

While this camera looks great on high definition settings, these types of videos do eat up a lot of memory space and fast. Additionally, it does not capture sound well from behind the camera.


  • Great for sporting events
  • Can be used as a first-person point of view camera
  • High definition videos take up a lot of space

3. YI 88001 16MP Action Camera with High-Resolution Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – Best cam Under $100 for drone

For people who seek a camera with Bluetooth capabilities, one of the best options is YI’s 88001 model. It has 4.0 BLE low-power consumption built right into the device. It also has digital signal processing technology.

It can record videos in high definition, similarly to the previous two models, and the video engine runs at 700-MHz. It comes with a Sony IMX206 1/2.3 inch image sensor, making it work on the Exmor R ability.

This model is the official edition optimized for sale in the United States. Therefore, it might run a little bit more differently than imported models. All of the requirements of international English are included with this model, though, which makes it easier to use for most people.

While this system works with an Android and iOS app for monitoring recording, it can be a pain to use. The app is known for frequently crashing while the user changes settings. Going with a third-party application is often a better idea as the app for the official, United States release does not work well with all phones.


  • Runs on rechargeable batteries that can be exchanged
  • Can take videos all the way up to 60 frames per second
  • A third-party app works better on phones than the one made by the manufacturer

4. FITFORT Action Camera 4K – Best remote control cam

This camera is 100 percent a 4K camera. It provides 25 frames per second at 4K and 30 frames per second at 2.7K. In 1080p, it can capture up to 60 frames per second. However, it goes as high as 120 frames per second with 720p.

The two rechargeable batteries that come with the camera can be exchanged during use with ease. Both batteries are 1050 mili-Amp hours, which means one battery can continuously record for up to 90 minutes.

While this camera does come with a remote control, it can be difficult to make the remote control sync with the camera from a distance. The remote control can be attached to the wrist for safe keeping, though.

Though the camera comes with a lot of accessories, they do not add up to much in quality. This statement is true of the wireless connectivity option to Android phones. The recommended application does not smoothly sync to the camera.


  • Can record up to 120 frames per second
  • Comes with a remote control for use at a distance
  • Manufacturer’s app for Android freezes constantly

5. ODRVM WIFI Action Camera – Best Underwater Camera under $100

For people wanting to take their action camera on sporting expeditions, ODRVM offers quite the package deal. As with other models, this camera comes with built in Wi-Fi action, so editing and sharing videos can happen in a matter of minutes.

The camera uses an app called Zsanycam, and it can be used on iOS or Android phones. While this app has been known to cause a few problems in the past, new updates have come out to help with fixing that concern.

This camera has a longer battery life, and it comes with two rechargeable batteries at 1050 mili-Amp hours. It is also waterproof up to 98 feet. All of the accessories that come with this camera were built to stand up to challenging sports.

It can be used for motocross, fishing, snorkeling, and much more. The Wi-Fi feature also allows people to stream videos at the same time. It can record in full HD 1080p. It also has a 170-degree wide angled lens.

Sometimes, the camera will not recognize the memory card is loaded into it right away. Therefore, the card has to be removed and inserted a few times before it will be recognized. This task should be taken with care for the sake of not breaking or stripping the memory card.


  • Waterproof up to 98 feet
  • Comes with mountable accessories for helmets and more
  • Does not immediately recognize memory cards

6. EKEN H9 4K Action Camera – Best 4k cam for under 100 dollars

the best action camera under $100

This camera comes with 4K resolution and can record such in 25 frames per second. It also features a versatile shooting mode. It can do photos in bursts or time lapse. At the same time, it also features loop recording.

The app for this camera, EZ iCam, works great on iOS, but it does not work as well on Android phones. Therefore, people with Android phones might have a better time using a third-party app instead.

Sometimes, the camera focuses too much on vibrant colors instead of defined lines. Therefore, some pictures can be blurry in high definition modes.


  • Works great for simple capture of basic family films
  • iCam app works great on iOS phones and tablets
  • Colors override defined lines in high definition modes

7. BrosFuture 4k Action Camera – Best action camera for running

BrosFuture makes yet another camera that provides great recording features. It can record 30 frames per second at 4K and 2.7K. However, it jumps to 60 frames per second with the 1080p mode.

While this model comes with two rechargeable batteries, they are only 900 mili-Amp hours in power. Hence, they might not last much more than 90 minutes of continuous recording each. People taking video of longer events like football games will need to take the time to change out batteries at a half time.

As with other models, this camera might not fit the bill of people who are fans of GoPro accessories. They are simply not compatible with one another.


  • Records in 1080p
  • Can record as high as 60 frames per second
  • Does not work with accessories other than the ones designed for it

8. Maifang Sports Camera, Waterproof 4K WIFI Action Camera – Best one for hunting

Maifang’s Sports camera is a great option for people looking to record in a high amount of frames at 1080p. It also has a 2.0 inch LTPS screen, which is great for viewing and modifying videos on the fly. It also makes use of the FISHEYE lens that is popular in other models.

While this camera comes with two rechargeable batteries, they do not last longer than 90 minutes each. The batteries do take a long time to recharge, so there might be a need to purchase more batteries for certain events.

While the camera claims to function for under water events, it does not reach beyond 5 meters. Therefore, it can only be used with light snorkeling events and not much for diving events.


  • Records in 1080 at 60 frames per second
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Does not work in water depths below 5 meters

9. Eonfine 4K Sports Action Camera – Best image stabilization

This miniature camera is highly portable. It measures less than one-inch square. It can record videos up to 16MP for high quality, though. It also has a delay timer for up to ten seconds. Also, it offers to waterproof for down to 30 meters.

While it can hold up to a 64 gig SD card, none of these cards are included. Therefore, it has to be purchased elsewhere.

While a manual does come with the camera, information in it is rather limited. Another manual does not exist online, either. Therefore, for someone who purchases this camera which is new to action cameras, they might be a little off put by not fully knowing how to use it.


  • Shoots in high definition
  • Takes up to a 64 gig SD card
  • Does not include SD card
  • Manual provides limited information

10. GSPON Wi-Fi Action Camera 4K – Best choice for swimming

EKEN also offers a 4K camera. It compares in many ways to other cameras also on this list, but there are not too many features about it that make it stand out from the crowd.

This camera does have a 170-degree FISHEYE lens. This lens has six layers that allow capture for vast and great landscapes. It also uses electronic stabilization, which functions slightly better than the same tool found in competing cameras.

For people who are a fan of GoPro accessories, this camera will be a disappointment. It only fits with the accessories that accompany it in the package, which is not of great quality.


  • Wi-Fi remote control system
  • Real-time data transmission
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Remote controller only reaches from 20 feet away
  • Does not work with other brand accessories

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Best Budget Action Camera Under $100 – Buyer’s Guide

Here is a closer look at some of the tips for buying an action camera. First and foremost, the types of videos being taken should be addressed. If the videos being taken are of family moments where people do not move a lot, then a smaller camera like the Polaroid Cube fits the bill the best. Something similar to this small camera is a great idea because, despite its small size, it still captures high-quality videos that will last for years to come.

On the other hand, the speed and number of people in a video should also be considered. Something like the Polaroid Cube will not fair too well when capturing a soccer or football game where people are constantly moving all over the place.

Veho’s MUVI might be a little bit more attuned to this task, especially since it can be controlled from a distance with a remote control. For people looking at capturing the first-person point of view shots, a camera such as this one is a great idea because it can be mounted to helmets.

For coaches, such cameras are great additions to their strategy as they can take team film from a distance while being easily controlled without having to be monitored all of the time.

best waterproof action camera under $100

People who partake in more extreme sports, like sky diving, or who prefer to catch life under the sea while snorkeling might want to consider a camera that provides some strength against the elements. BrosFuture 4K is a good example of a camera that meets these needs, especially since it comes with a wide angle lens and a remote control. Something akin to this camera also makes a great choice for people who like to capture their cycling trips because it includes mounting pieces in the kit, too.

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Finally, people need to consider whether or not they want to stream their videos instead of recording them for upload purposes later on down the road. If a streaming feature is a must for video-taking needs, then something that includes Wi-Fi would be a good idea. A model akin to GSPON’s Action Camera would work the best.


The ten cameras on this list are some of the best action cameras available. They are great for capturing family moments and, in some cases, sporting moments, too. Picking the right one depends on a person’s needs and the kind of equipment they feel they need for their given camera-ready situation.

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